Bruses Teams Up With Humbe For New Single “Bestia”

Kieran Kohorst
Adriana Humui

Press play on a Bruses song and become complicit in a promise, delivered by the rising Mexican singer: your attention will be rewarded, and the payoff is worth it. Her newest offering, “Bestia,” a collaboration with singer Humbe, is a firework show of varying color and intensity. To begin, purple hues color Bruses’ typically dark landscape, the production offering timid bursts of rhythm. As Humbe is introduced to the mix, the song brightens up, its power growing with each lyric. To close the track, the explosions are wide-spanning but less emphatic, before letting loose and exhausting all remaining ammunition in the closing seconds. “Bestia” takes many forms in its 4 minutes of theatrics, allowing Bruses to move at her own pace. A venture into dance and electronic-influenced music, “Bestia” further develops the scope of Bruses voice, as a singer and songwriter. Her strengths remain her strengths, and she flexes them masterfully. 

Bruses and Humbe unite as Latin Grammy nominees in their rights, though their pairing on “Bestia” wasn’t obvious for their respective fans. “It's a song where Humbe and I found each other,” Bruses says of their connection. “I love Humberto, and it took us one day to make this single (production and lyrics) while we were playing Mario Kart and eating at home; his light and my darkness complemented in a way that I never heard before. It was as if this track was waiting for us all this time to be discovered.” The song appeared to find them both at the right time, just as both their stars are rising. Having already achieved massive success in her native country of Mexico, Bruses is slated to hit the road this summer with a string of performances in the US. A pioneer of the New Pop Alternative genre in Mexico, her honest and cutting songwriting serves as a cornerstone for her sonic experimentation, which is set to grow as we hear more from her. A showstopper in every sense of the word, this is hardly the last time you will have heard the name Bruses.

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