Catching Flights and Feelings with Danny Polo’s “Gundam”

Nashville raised LA-based artist, Danny Polo, has your next Spanglish single with his latest single, “Gundam”. A smooth R&B track with large bumping bass that will get you cruising to your next location. “Gundam” portrays the commitment of traveling to a lover whenever they need them, but is it reciprocal? You may ask. Polo’s resounding lyrical answer to it is well.. Who cares? It’s this idea of living in the moment and being so enthralled by this person in some type of way, so you’ll commit as if they are the pilot driving the connection but you’re the fighter (“Gundam”) to keep it going. 

Song starts off with this dreamy lo-fi synth that’s then accompanied by this piano “turn-on” before the bass and lyrics begin. The addition of the of the hi-hat and claps give the track a bit more texture in the beat bringing it together so cohesively that when it reaches towards the end of the track, the short pause of muffled phone lyrics of “baby, you should call me” with the isolated claps adds to the story. Although the lo-fi synth can sound familiar among various genres and songs, the beginning of the track largely reminds me of “Freestyle” by Electric Guest. An independent artist with already so much support from Spotify (US, Latin, Finland and Denmark) and iHeartRadio; it’s important not to sleep through the rise of Dominican-Colombian artist, Danny Polo.

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