Night Tapes Release New Single “everyday is a game”

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Marii Kiisk

Upon pressing play on London-based Night Tapes’s newest single, you can feel the atmosphere around you change. Everything feels somehow lighter yet denser, elevated on a higher plane. Subdued while quietly overwhelming, “everyday is a game” thrives by fully embracing the theme of duality. Lead singer Iiris Vesik’s chilling vocals are accentuated with reverb, complementing the smooth basslines of the track. In speaking about the song, Vesik interrogates a different perspective of love: “The romantic idea of relationships that we’ve been taught through stories and movies, is that the other will complete us and when we find them, then we’ll live happily ever after. But what if the aim isn’t for two to become one, but to develop two strong worlds and well-organised communication between the two?” You can hear her exploring these ideas tepidly in the song’s lyrics, caught between acceptance and hard-to-shake doubt. If everyday is a game, Night Tapes is looking to test the boundaries and establish their own rules in the sport of love.

The shifting world that presents itself when listening to “everyday is a game” is materialized in the music video for the track - a thorough practice in world-building that establishes a clear setting and tone that the song flourishes in. “We are individually responsible for our own happiness - taking care of our own world and leaving space for the other to take care of theirs,” Vesik adds. The world Night Tapes exists in is incredibly well-kept, nurtured with diligence and intention. Their universe is set to grow in the near future: along with “everyday is a game,” the trio (Visek, Max Doohan, and Sam Richards) announce their new EP, assisted memories, will arrive on June 7 and include the prior single “loner.” At their current rate, Night Tapes and their artistic vision are set to envelop the world we currently know, with surrender being the best course of action for all listeners. 

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