Caleb Hearn Is Here For It All On New Single “Birthdays and Funerals”

Kieran Korhost

Whether through text or as a vow, words have a finite significance in a relationship - unless, of course, they’re delivered through song. Nashville’s Caleb Hearn hopes to prove this theory right on new single “Birthdays and Funerals,” an impassioned promise to stick with his partner through highs and lows, for better or worse. Honest instrumentation bolsters the sentiments Hearn expresses in his melodies, where each word seems earnest. The song was inspired by an appropriate muse, Hearn’s fiancé, and features production from David Hodges and Dan Swank. “It captured how I felt in my own relationship, making the song quite relatable,” Hearn says of the song in a press release. “When we both open up and let each other in on the good and bad parts that life brings us, we seem to grow together so much more.” This way of thinking relates well to Hearn’s growth as well, as his willingness to be vulnerable and embrace all realities of life has led to steadfast development in his writing and performances. 

Along with the single, Hearn announces an upcoming project of the same name, set for release on November 17th. Birthdays and Funerals will be Hearn’s second EP release of 2023, following May’s 1200 sq ft, which offered a more intimate look into the circumstances that have shaped his perspective as an artist. Naturally, Birthdays and Funerals will build on his prior releases, in subject matter and undoubtedly in Hearn’s talent on display.

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