Grant Schaffer Makes His Timely Return with Latest Single, “Lovely Town”

Rachel Guttman

After being placed on vocal rest for almost a year, Grant Schaffer makes his long awaited return, with dreamy new single “Lovely Town.” Grant, based out of Florida, after his hiatus as a result of vocal bruising – proves that he's been waiting to bring the heat back to the music world with this sunset moment of a track. Grant is not only a singer, but a skilled violinist and guitarist, both of which shine in his latest offering. Grant’s music has a modern indie pop sound that gives off a relaxed and bubbly vibe, perfect for a shoreline live performance while on vacation.

“Lovely Town” showcases his musical development with a delightful melody, created by a series of bright guitar chords, backed by soulful drums and bass – all combined to create an uplifting song with a captivating message for listeners. After Grant dropped out of college, he began creating music out of a makeshift studio in his room, recording all his vocals from his closet. “Lovely Town” isn't a song about an actual town or a physical place – but rather suggests that life is what you make it. The title, “Lovely Town,” is a metaphor for this idea, and conveys the message that anyone has the power to do whatever they set their mind to.

“Lovely Town” has allowed Grant to show the music community that he is back and ready to continue to pursue his dreams. He has incorporated elements of both musicianship and instrumentation, demonstrating the versatility of his musical capabilities. Going a step further, Grant painted a powerful picture for listeners with meaningful lyrics that reflect on his personal experiences. This synthesis of vocals, melody, and lyrics have shown that Grant is back and better than ever. I am looking forward to seeing what else Grant will create now that he has made his epic comeback!

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