Bennett Coast Returns with a Dreamy First Single of 2021, "Deep End"

Timothy Weber

After two impressive releases last year in “Moonboy” and “Sunsick,” Bennett Coast has been on a lot of radars, and “Deep End” lives up to the anticipation. Showcasing a dynamic songwriting ability accompanied by absolutely gorgeous vocals drenched in reverb, Bennett has shown with every release he has the talent to hang with the best of indie-pop. “Deep End” flexes its muscles with its vocal performance, and for sure will find a home in any playlist curated for a chill vibe.

Already being noticed on a larger scale for his coming-of-age anthems and cinematography, Bennett paired up with GUESS originals earlier in the year to shoot an advertisement that used 2020 single “Sunsick'' as the soundtrack. With this added exposure and an already fleshed out catalogue, the sky's the limit for Bennett - check out “Deep End” below and I highly recommend swimming through all of his releases.

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