Chicago Rapper Femdot Returns with Two Hot New Tracks on “Buy One Get One Free, Vol. 2”

Carter Fife

Since Femdot's last record "Buy One Get One Free, Vol. 1" dropped late last year, he has been quickly gaining momentum prior to the release of his upcoming LP. This week the Chicago rapper dropped "Buy One Get One Free, Vol. 2" – or "BOGO Vol. 2" – his first drop this year. While the first "BOGO" featured a guest appearance from fellow-Chicago native Saba, this time around, Femdot alone provides fans with some serious heat on his two newest singles. After listening to “Album Mode” and “Bishop Ford,” it won’t be hard to see why Femdot is one of Chicago’s most promising upcoming acts.

Without exaggeration, “Album Mode” sports some of the most hard-hitting hip-hop percussion I’ve heard this year. Alongside a subtle guitar track and a vocal sample, Femdot holds no punches on this boisterous banger, and with expert precision and care – fans are treated to a dose of anthemic and high-energy rap that 2021 sorely needed. “Bishop Ford” is a much smoother cut with its shining synth chords and slick R&B bassline. Whether delivering verses with an impassioned and unrelenting flow, or on the chorus interpolating Jeremih with his “Birthday Sex”-esque “girl you know I-I-I”, Femdot’s energy is infectious, and will without a doubt leave listeners ravenous for more.

Though Femdot’s upcoming LP is still yet to be released, now is the perfect time to become a fan and dive through his back catalog to prepare. Whether you're just discovering him this week, or you’ve been a fan since “Happyoctober” in 2017, it’s fairly obvious that Femdot’s future is looking bright.

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