angelus and Devstacks Come in “clutch” with Their New Collaborative Single

Teddy Tran

angelus, the 18-year-old, Paris based musician that’s been a prominent figure within the growing digicore scene has come together to collaborate on a single with Devstacks, the Massachusetts-native rapper and producer that’s played a key part in progressing the recent and upcoming pluggnb scene.

The two take turns reminiscing on the past, dissing their foes, and flaunting their success over a synth and trap drum filled beat, making for a perfect and melodic cloud-rap-esque single. The vocals come delivered with a standoffish vibe that you almost have to rap along to. Although the song is short in length, the energy makes up for it and you’re bound to have it on repeat. The collaboration between the two is consistent with a larger trend happening throughout the underground scene as artists who emerge from smaller, more distinct communities branch out to work with prominent artists from communities they may be a little bit less familiar with. For example, particularly from within the digicore scene, we’ve seen artists such as midwxst and glaive expand out from a scene they’ve found success in to work with artists such as Slump6s, BabySantana, and KA$HDAMI from the pluggnb scene as they expand their discography and progress as musicians.

Although the collaboration between angelus and Devstacks may have been something many hadn’t expected, we’re glad it happened, and we’re hoping for more.

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