Chad Tepper's "Lonely Tonight" Transports You Back to the Best of Early 2000s Punk

Audrey Brandes

Who doesn’t love and miss the pop-punk bangers of the early to mid-2000s? Upbeat and raucous, it’s the music that I’d hear during the party scene of my favorite teen rom coms, prompting a wave of adrenaline. Chad Tepper’s latest single “Lonely Tonight” revives that genre 2021-style, evoking the biggest wave of euphoric nostalgia I’ve felt in a while.

The lyrics fit that classic punk mold, as he sings “Remember the days when we would chain-smoke cigarettes and the cops would come through, God, I miss those days.” Incredibly catchy and almost sentimental, Tepper renews the sounds of Blink-182, The All-American Rejects; all of the artists that our generation grew up on.

Not only does Chad Tepper have crazy musical talent, but his story is one that strikes serious inspiration. Tepper went from being homeless to having 240k monthly Spotify listeners, 5 million followers on all social channels, and a dedicated fanbase. His electric energy and vibrant sound make him a captivating presence – embodying pop-punk in all aspects of his life. Check out his latest drop, “Lonely Tonight” to see what I mean and be transported to the good old days.

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