Elroy Shows off His Refined Alternative Chops in His New Single “Bones”

Conner Crosby

The bombastic energy of alternative pop defined a significant portion of underground and emerging music in 2020. In 2021, this blend of genres is pushing towards the mainstream like never before. As artists prepare for their opportunity to revitalize the concert circuit in a vaccinated world, those who are able to harness all of the noise appealing and accessible packages of this sound are poised to dominate.

One such artist is Elroy. Coming off of a successful year in 2020, Elroy arrives a month into 2021 with “BONES,” one of his most interesting records to date. Throughout his short yet impressively prolific career so far, he has proven himself as a songwriter and producer capable of blending the most modern sounds together into hits ranging in persuasions from alternative and rock to hip hop. As his sound matures, these styles are merging to form one that is uniquely his own. “BONES” marks a high point for Elroy in terms of sonic sophistication and lyrical perspective. Subdued in contrast with much of his work, the production functions to facilitate a savvy melody and lyrics that convey a sort of self-awareness and introspection that are incredibly admirable. “BONES” is probably the most confident and compelling track we’ve heard from Elroy so far, and at this point, he’s established himself as a reliable creative force in a rapidly shifting music industry. We are certain he will continue to improve and impress with each release in his future.

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