Chase Paves Is At His Most Interesting and Intricate on His New Single “Afterwork”

Conner Crosby

Chase Paves was quick to establish himself as a hip-hop artist with a unique mastery of energetic melodies with his 2020 single “SF Valley Girl.” Paves, who hails from SoCal’s San Fernando Valley himself, has taken things up a tremendous notch with his latest single “AFTERWORK.”

With a heavy but structurally minimalistic beat, “AFTERWORK” is an excellent demonstration of Chase’s dynamism and control. Gliding effortlessly through hard hitting verses to varying degrees of sung parts, Chase’s delivery becomes wholly responsible for the track’s structure, pace, and overall listenability. Hip-hop songs of this length often fall victim to redundancy or lack of variation, the result being bland, cypher-esque tracks that fail to engage the listener. Because of Chases’ diverse set of performative abilities, confident flow, and brilliantly witty lyricism, “AFTERWORK” is no such song, but rather one of supreme artistic merit and entertainment value.

We are excited to see whether Chase Paves will continue to defy internet-era music conventions in the future. Regardless, “AFTERWORK” belongs on your playlists, and Chase Paves deserves every bit of attention he and his song command.

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