Mark Richards Doesn't Want to Stop "Floating" in New Single [Premiere]

Perry Avgerinos

With one of the most underrated and undiscovered voices coming out of Florida, singer/songwriter, Mark Richards, ends his release intermission, with a blissful love confession in his new indie-pop single, "Floating."

Establishing a gentle tone from the start, Richards introduces his vulnerable masterpiece with playful ukulele strums, paired with simplistic co-production from producer, Siah – to uplift Mark's sultry vocal tone and spirit. There's an undeniable bond between a ukulele and the theme of love (Vance Joy's "Riptide" and Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours"), that evokes such a powerful emotion that would bring you to tears – happy tears. Well, add Richards to this list, as he successfully snapshots the exact feeling of when he decided to tell a girl that he loved her (first), as tears fell from his face being fully present in the moment. With every carefully chosen lyric, Richards paints us a vivid picture of the night when he sings,

"I apologize cause,

I jumped first,

I tried to not, say the words,

Until it hurt to keep it to myself."

"Sitting in the drive thru,

Waiting on our food, I told you here's my card,

On the 3rd of July, girl you made a grown man cry,

'Cause we were floating high on a feeling (on a feeling)."

There's a reason behind why the expression goes "falling in love." Just as there can be euphoric highs, feeling like you are floating above the clouds when you are in love – that all can come crashing down in an instant when faced with rejection. In "Floating," Richards remains hopeful throughout, reminding himself of the positive side of being in love, with his crooning melodies as he repeats "floating" throughout the chorus. With standout storytelling, and impeccable vocal expression, Mark Richards is well on his way to becoming a serious playmaker in the music world. Fall in love with "Floating" below.

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