marcos g and His Sister ELLIE Offer a Warm, Charming Account of a Doomed Romance in “cold feet”

Conner Crosby

A mere cursory introduction to the discography of Florida up-and-comer marcos g, is enough to confirm that he is able to successfully take his sound in different directions – to simply observe that his new single “cold feet” represents something new for the artist would be doing everyone a disservice.

“cold feet” features a certain sunny, psychedelic quality, and even more novel is the way in which that sound’s components are very interestingly at odds with each other. The persistent percussion and energetic bassline take on a more prominent role than usual, and conflict with the relaxing vibes of the tropical guitar chords and muted brass sprinkled throughout the track. This contradiction ensures the song is marvelously paced and won’t put anyone to sleep despite its mellow nature, but even these accomplishments are not the greatest triumph here. What really demands attention and respect is the consistency and seamlessness with which marcos’s signature smooth, deeply personal, and strangely upbeat brands of pop and R&B are applied to this track and every other track he has approached. Spotting the similarities across his tracks is becoming more exciting than identifying the differences, and this can only mean he is beginning to establish his sound and style as a musical personality that will stand the test of time.

All of the above being said, there is an obvious new element of this track that does deserve a considerable share of the ink (or pixels) allotted to this release – the collaboration with marcos g’s younger sister ELLIE, who contributes a vocal performance saturated with charismatic pop sensibilities, but grounded in genuinity and vulnerability, and serving to amplify the song’s potential as a relatable, slightly pessimistic yet overwhelmingly pleasant hit-to-be. What’s more, “cold feet” is ELLIE’s first track, marking a remarkable start to another remarkable artist’s career.

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