Zac Greer’s New Single “melatonin” Is Not to Be Slept On

Conner Crosby

Arizona’s Zac Greer had a big year in 2020, with an extremely successful single, an exciting pair of music videos with Overcast, and the release of an EP to top things off. Finally, he has returned with his first single of 2021, “melatonin.”

On his “headaches” EP, Greer began experimenting with acoustic and analog production elements, steering his sound away from the internet age pop-R&B-dance combination championed by many emerging artists and in many ways perfected in his most popular tracks. In “melatonin,” Zac leans into this shift with a confident foray into today’s repopularized rock sound. The track is poppier, and more digitally polished than more traditional conceptualizations of rock, but in this case – that just serves to add interesting layers to the production and appropriately accommodate Zac’s unique voice and astounding songwriting chops. With a tasteful guitar part contributed by keshi and a vocal performance that encourages the listener to sing along, the result of Zac Greer’s latest experiment is a commendably original banger of a sad song.

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