Chase Shakur in London [Concert Review]

Milly Wensley
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Atlanta native and rising R&B star Chase Shakur embarked on his first Europe tour this year. Gracing the stage in four different cities consisting of Cologne, Paris, Amsterdam, and of course London. As someone who’s been following Chase’s music closely for the past few years, I was thrilled to see him live for the first time on this tour. The tour being called the “It’s Still Love” tour off the back of his album It’s not you, it’s me… it’s Love. I was able to see Chase at his London date at Colours Hoxton, a venue of about 250 capacity. When it comes to smaller artists and gigs I really enjoy the laid-back intimate settings of these venues where they typically play. Chase being the chilled R&B artist that he is fit this vibe perfectly. 

When Chase came on stage the energy was immediately there, his smooth suave aura took over the venue and the crowd was captivated. Chase Shakur has truly emulated a unique brand with his music and the way he presents himself, the star quality is already evident. Engaging the crowd getting their arms in the air flashlights out everyone swaying to the soft beats. Of course, like most people, I was excited to see some of his bigger songs played such as “Pray Slow” and the final track “Too Far Close.”  It’s these tracks where you can guarantee the whole room knows the words leaving Chase speechless, vibing to his music as the whole crowd does the work for him. Some other stand-out tracks were “slide,”  “you need an angel,” and “you’re so lovely.” All of these genuinely brought out Chase Shakur’s naturally angelic vocals. 

If you’re looking for a comparison I also recently caught Brent Faiyaz at his London gig in September and there was a very similar energy in this performance and crowd. Chase Shakur absolutely did not disappoint, sounding even better live, as it should be. His stage presence was there, showing us glimpses of his personality and chatting with the crowd from time to time. I’m excited to see where Chase goes next, looking forward to new music and more gigs! Sadly London was the final show of the tour, however, it’s early days for Chase Shakur and I’m sure plenty of gigs to come. Keep an eye out and dive into the music for the time being! 

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