Christian Blue’s Funkadelic “Pink Soda” Is a Must Listen

Perry Avgerinos

Christian Blue makes his Sheesh debut today, with one of the best songs I've heard this summer. Instead of your classic guitar-driven summer sonics, Blue displays a refreshing, funk-infused hip-hop anthem titled, "Pink Soda," cleansing your ears for an exciting new discovery.

Immediately captivating the listener, Blue lays his unique vocal tone on a grimy guitar bass line, backed by crisp trap drums, and extra production ear candy, keeping the track from ever feeling stale. The Oakland native, now LA resident reminds me of a BROCKHAMPTON in the character and personality of his flow, but clearly influenced by other genres, allowing his own artistry to find itself within the confidence of his hook and verses. You may have heard his previous 2020 singles, including, "Leave It Unlocked," but it's safe to say Christian Blue is rapidly improving, and fully on my radar for 2021.

For funkadelic hip-hop fans, you're going to want to get familiar with Christian Blue. As a precursor to an upcoming project, "Punk Soda" sets the bar high for a new era for the young musician. Listen below:

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