Dreamer Isioma Brings redveil into Their World on “Technicolor Love”

Kieran Kohorst

For many artists, creating their art is like creating their own world. The vision necessary to create characters, situations, and settings through music must flirt with lucidity. Dreamer Isioma has always been an artist who emits color in their words, and their palette is incredibly varied. The picture they paint on new single “Technicolor Love” is supported by a visual for the song. Directed by Jared Avalos, we see Dreamer take on a new persona, Princess Forever. Existing in between reality and fantasy, we share the experience of their character voyaging a new world, one that embodies the union of nature and oneself. All components of “Technicolor Love” reinforces the idea of duality, an intentional effort by Dreamer. They have made a habit of breaking the binary system: masc and femme, strong and soft, fully living in their truth and fighting for their liberation. In a world full of complimentary conflicts, Dreamer recruits redveil to continue their affair with contrast. Bringing an intensity to his feature that is a different flavor than what exists around him, the rising rapper orbits around the track’s extra-terrestrial energy. As Dreamer ushers in a new era of their artistry, “Technicolor Love” allows us a 10,000-foot view of a universe we are only just being introduced to. “Sonically and lyrically, ‘Technicolor Love’ is a solid single to represent my upcoming album,” they comment. “This is one of the freakiest, trippiest beats you’ll ever hear. And watch the video right fucking now! The visuals tell an important piece of the album’s story.” 

It’s much easier to pursue your vision when you have support, and Dreamer Isioma has long had support from those who matter. Undoubtedly enabled by their encouraging fanbase, included are the likes of SZA, Janelle Monae, Steve Lacy, Doja Cat, Fousheé, and Kali Uchis. You can’t get much more of a glowing endorsement than from Isaa Rae, who wrote Dreamer Isioma’s 2020 song “Sensitive” into HBO’s Insecure. “I love this song!” Rae’s character proclaims as Dreamer’s track plays in the background. As support grows, as does Dreamer’s creativity. Incorporating more sounds and influences than ever before, their product has never been more intriguing. The concept for the video for “Technicolor Love” was inspired by Sun Ra’s 1974 film Space Is The Place, and the single draws from a myriad of genres to formulate a uniquely-fitting sound in Dreamer’s discography. You can step into the Nigerian-American artist’s world as they are set to begin a 20-date US headlining tour on May 10th. While they are not a new name, Dreamer Isioma continues to reinvent themself in ways that feel fresh, interesting, and, ironically, theirself.

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