Damien Is Becoming the King of Sad Boy Rap

Joe DelloStritto

Okay, let me flex for one second. I just threw on Damien’s new single “i can’t stop” released this past Friday, and there was something eerily familiar about his voice inflection, cadence, and rhythm. About a minute into the song, I decided it sounded like when Stan wrote his letters to Eminem in the year 2000 hit, “Stan.” Two bars later, Damien spits,

"I just drank a 5th of vodka, do dare me to drive?

Lols, I ain’t Stan but I am crazy inside"

I knew it. After Damien references the old hit, the comparison between the two sounds becomes undeniable. Putting my own ego aside, Damien delivers an emotionally packed, vulnerable, and catchy track with “i can’t stop.” Already his second drop of 2021, Damien is quickly becoming the king of sad boy rap. Ironically, most of his songs maintain an upbeat energy while simultaneously talking himself through heavy-hearted emotions. This unique balance generates a high attraction to his catchy discography. Damien keeps it real atop the guitar-dominant boom-bap beat, spitting,

"I stopped smoking for a day and now the vibes aren’t right,

I stopped the drinking for a phase and now I’m lonely at night,

I like to use it for the pain because inside of my mind, behind my skull is taking a toll on my life."

While that hook is relatable and grievous, Damien somehow finds a way to make you smile while you sing along. Ultimately, here’s the deal. There are some songs that don’t get my Spotify like on the first listen, and there are some songs that get my like in the first 15 seconds. This one’s the latter. Look out for Damien all 2021.

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