She Loves Boon Lives Life Like a Weekend in His New Track “For The Weekend”

Joe DelloStritto

She Loves Boon is bringing the energy into 2021 with his newest single, “For The Weekend.” The 24-year-old artist has been crafting hyperpop earworms since 2017, and this track may be his best work yet.

“For The Weekend” is consistent with his self-proclaimed “emotional trap” classification, and is far and away Boon’s most spirited to date. Boon is bringing positive, animated energy into 2021, which is something we all need. Choosing lyrics that match his vibrant vocals, She Loves Boon sings about partying and chasing a girl for the thrill. The NYC native is having quite the time in LA, as he sings,

"I’m a rockstar I don’t sip wok I do pills,

Need a popstar shawty like you for the thrills,

Hear the cop cars chasing us around LA hills,

I’m good on my own but I just love how this feels."

Weekends in LA often serve as a rabbit hole, but She Loves Boon welcomes these days with open arms. In keeping with the theme of putting 2020 in the past and enjoying 2021, Boon sings, “Cause all I miss is having fun.” I speak for everyone when I say this: We agree. “For The Weekend” splices distorted baselines famous in hyperpop with euphoric build-ups reminiscent of EDM tracks. Hands on throughout each stage of the creative process, Boon successfully captures the feeling of a weekend packed with good times and endless memories. After this drop, I promise “She” won’t be the only one loving Boon.

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