Lil West and ppgcasper Team up on the Highly Catchy "Go-Kart"

Tyler Borland

Delaware native, Lil West, has been one of the most consistent melodic hip hop artists in recent memory. Previous tracks such as “Bad,” “Hot Sauce,” and “gecgecgec” with 100 gecs show Lil West’s ability to effortlessly create earworm hooks while experimenting with different flows.

His newest track “Go-Kart” is no different. "Go-Kart,” produced by sinful and ryanjacob, maintains the high-quality fans expect from the prolific rapper while also reminding listeners what makes the artist so exciting. The instrumental for the track is a hard-hitting trap beat with a driving guitar loop similar to most of West's discography.

The track also features a guest verse from New York hip hop artist ppgcasper who compliments West’s style and vocal cadence well, while showcasing the two artists’ perfect chemistry on the track. ppgcasper’s slurred and laid-back delivery fits perfectly over the trap instrumental. Both Lil West and ppgcasper are in position to have huge years and “Go-Kart” is proof. Lil West and ppgcasper are a collaboration that was not expected, but fans of either artist will not be disappointed with what the two multi-talented artists were able to create. Check out the accompanying music video for “Go-Kart” below and be on the lookout for more from both artists.

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