dee holt Is Ready To "make a move" On Latest Single

Ben Wego

Montreal indie pop artist, dee holt just released her newest track “make a move.” It’s a sultry slow burn with a reggae infused beat, combined with electric guitar and drums gliding effortlessly elucidating her velvety vocals. The song vibrates with sensual desire and curiosity as she ponders venturing outside of her comfort zone and making the first move and taking control of her own destiny.

dee holt's vocals resonate with the vibrant energy of alternative pop, echoing the boldness reminiscent of genre pioneers such as Billie Eilish and Holly Humberstone. Emerging as a rising talent within the alternative indie pop scene, she captivates audiences with her introspective lyricism and emotive vocals, showcased brilliantly in tracks like "make a move" and many others in her catalog.

“make a move” explores Holt’s frustration with her own self consciousness and setbacks, accepting that it’s time for her to break down those walls and put her best foot forward. “Haven’t seen you lately / yeah I’ll make a move / somethings got me lately / got nothing to lose / been falling around / God I must look like a fool.” 

With unique style and ambience, dee holt cultivates her own sound and shares a new angle of smooth hypnotic alt-pop cadence on “make a move”.

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