Jayden Hills Makes Impressive Debut with “Love Me Alone”

Perry Avgerinos
Lo Nightly

Making her impressive debut – meet Jayden Hills. After years behind the scenes writing for other artists, it was time the Los Angeles based singer/songwriter had something to say of her own. Marking her inaugural release, “Love Me Alone,” Jayden Hills fuses her airy vocal tone, seasoned songwriting capabilities, and gritty electronic production by inverness, to create a sonic realm for one finding themselves again after a heartbreak.

Jayden said on the release, “The past year and a half has been one of the most difficult periods of my life. It started with my first real heartbreak. I was working as a songwriter behind the scenes for years, writing with and for other artists, and it pushed me into a headspace where I just had to start writing for myself. Music is how I process, and heal, and I had a lot to get off my chest. This song was one of the first that I wrote for this project. It was the catalyst to me stepping into a version of myself that I've been waiting for, for a very long time, and learning to love myself again, alone.”

Backed by wide synths, a bouncy bass pattern, arpeggiated melodies, and layered vocal harmonies, Jayden sings in the chorus “you’re the one who said goodbye / give me space give me time / if it was so easy for you to leave, then leave me alone / why can’t you just let me be, so I can learn to love me alone.” The story is all too relatable, when an ex keeps popping back up on your phone after ending things, and Jayden shows her songwriting prowess by painting the picture perfectly.

With a polished first offering, Jayden Hills makes an immediate stamp as an artist to watch in the electronic/pop world this year. Timing is everything, and it seems Hills’ time has arrived. Listen to “Love Me Alone” below.

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