Hurri Haran Is Undeniable on New Single "Can't Deny"

Kieran Kohorst

After delivering a sneaky song of the summer candidate with “Beyonce” in 2023, Brooklyn’s Hurri Haran has kept his pace in releasing stuck-on-repeat tracks ever since. His latest, “Can’t Deny,” captures the same energy he’s made a name for himself with while improving on the formula. Haran proves himself to be a savant when it comes to melodies, finding unique pockets fitting for his voice. “When you have a deep attraction towards someone, you feel unique feelings that inspire you to pursue the person making you feel that way,” Haran shares of his approach to the track.“‘Can’t Deny’ paints a strong imagery of the beginning stages of a relationship that is undeniable.” 

Perhaps the most captivating aspect of Haran’s music is how infectious it is - with each new track, there is the excitement of hearing him for the first time, wanting to share his tracks with those in your circle. As Hurri Haran pushes his afrobeats influence to new bounds, fans are just as interested in where he’ll end up next as they are in his current creative state.

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