Philmon Lee Delivers His Best with “Where Was Your Love?”

Audrey Brandes

Listening to Philmon Lee feels like plunging into a dark pool of water-- it is utterly engulfing and you feel it all over. And you’re comfortable just staying there.

His latest single, “Where Was Your Love” showcases Philmon in his element. Tying in soulful rock and pop influences, Philmon delivers raw emotion with the voice of an angel. This guy’s got some serious vocals. “Where Was Your Love” is the ultimate breakup song, and quite possibly Philmon’s strongest release thus far. The passionate tune is vulnerable and heated, as he implores, “Girl, I learned my lesson, I’ve just got one question: Where was your love?” The build up on the word “love” absolutely brings the song to another level, with unbridled emotion on display. It’s intense, it’s painful, it’s beautiful.

With a sound that rivals Sam Smith and Post Malone (I was even reminded of The Weeknd), the small town Georgia native brings soulful rock ballads to another level. “My songs are a cultural gumbo,” Philmon describes. “There’s a bunch of stuff in there, and it all tastes good.” Well, he’s certainly right about that. “Where Was Your Love” is a must-listen. After hearing this one, I’ve got my eyes on Philmon Lee.

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