dempsey hope Welcomes Change in New Single "autumn"

Perry Avgerinos

Ever since hearing his standout 2020 single "roller rink" last year, dempsey hope has been one of our favorite artists to watch ascend in the music industry. Debuting his first release of the year today, hope drops his "favorite song he's every made" (and ours) – "autumn."

Inspired by the transitional month of fall, "autumn" showcases dempsey's crooning, soulful performance over a swing-filled, down-tempo instrumental – reassuring listeners (and himself) that even as people leave and things may change, everything will be fine. The best music makes you feel something – anything, and dempsey's "autumn" injects us with chills, feeling fully immersed in his emotions. hope contrasts a more melancholic opening verse reflecting on how things could have played out differently, with a hopeful resolution in the chorus when he sings:

"but I'll be fine,

it ain't fall, it's summertime

no rainfall, the sun is shining,

take away all my problems.."

The production in the chorus further reflects the mood change, with the introduction of electric guitars, yet leaving room for dempsey's vocal vibrato to shine through. It's one thing to make music that moves people, but it's truly special when an artist is able to simultaneously spread a positive message – and dempsey does exactly that. Let all of your worries melt away with one listen to "autumn," below.

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