Destroy Lonely’s 'NO STYLIST' Is a Constant Flow of Bangers [Album Review]

Ian Hansen

Once again, the Opium label started by Playboi Carti proves they are the future. Destroy Lonely’s recent album, NO STYLIST, is his debut project with the label and his first project since 2020 and lives up to the expectations ten-fold.

Similar to Ken Carson’s recent album, “X,” this one had to grow on me. I had to hear NO STYLIST in the right environment for it to click, and now I can listen to it anywhere and enjoy myself. Destroy Lonely’s addicting flows over hypnotizing beats and euphoric synths that make for an unforgettable listening experience.

He starts off with a bang with the intro, “JETLGGD,” where he raps over this repetitive but entrancing arp that might as well send me to Saturn. It is one of Lonely’s best songs and proves how dynamic he is as an artist. The next track, “BERGDORF,” matches the same energy as the first with an intense build up and more dynamic flows from Lonely with him taking more of a melodic approach. “VTMNTSCOAT” has another otherworldly beat with a dirty bassline throughout and more of what make Destroy Lonely great, which is making anthemic songs to mosh to.

My personal favorite is “NOSTYLIST,” produced by Cxdy and Chef9thegod, which brings billboard charts level production and a billboard charts level chorus. More highlights include “TURNINUP” and “MKEITSTOP,” which takes a different approach with this hard-hitting distorted guitar that loops throughout.

Again, this entire album is hypnotizing, and I can’t wait to hear it at shows. This is one of the more energetic projects to release this year, and I can’t wait to see how he continues to innovate his music to new levels.

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