Head to “Palm Springs for the Weekend” with Devin Kennedy

Kieran Kohorst

As spring funnels into summer, we all search for a vacation of sorts from our responsibilities. For those with remote destinations in mind, Devin Kennedy is supplying the soundtrack for your getaway with his new single “Palm Springs for the Weekend.” The song lyrically and sonically is the laid back, vibe-infused track you look for this time of year. “‘Palm Springs for the Weekend’ is about escaping reality,” the artist says. “We all need a break from the routine every so often, and I think we all have our own version of Palm Springs that acts as a getaway when we’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed out.” No matter where you might find yourself, “Palm Springs for the Weekend” has the qualities you look for when trying to get away.

The single serves as Kennedy’s third release this year, building on momentum that has been materializing since 2020. From performing live shows to finding traction on TikTok, Kennedy’s music has steadily grown his profile in the past couple years. While his talent has built him a sturdy fanbase, he has also gained notoriety from his peers: he’s received co-signs from Pink Sweat$ and Chelsea Cutler, as well as collaborating with Ryan Tedder, Andy Grammar, and other music industry veterans. As his star’s shine grows, take time to get familiar with Devin Kennedy’s catalog and add “Palm Springs for the Weekend” to your summer playlists.

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