Who is Devin Kennedy?

Perry Avgerinos

The feeling of pure summer bliss with a special someone – is the exact emotion LA's Devin Kennedy evokes in his latest single "Sundress." We've been following the journey of the rising pop sensation for about a year now, and he continues to get better and better, with his latest single sounding like it belongs in a movie, or on the radio (maybe both).

Co-produced, written, and performed by Devin, "Sundress" showcases his most polished work to date. The luminous guitar chords, complimented by crisp percussion, and Devin's comforting, and uplifting vocal character, creates a moment in time, focused on enjoying it with the person you love. Devin repeats in the chorus, "If I'm dreaming, don't wake, don't wake, me up," which is how you'll feel after a first listen, hoping the song plays just a bit longer.

The future is looking bright for the young artist, who attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music. If you're looking for more singles to convince you of Kennedy's talent, turn to his 2021 single "Mean to Me," with Caroline Kole, and his 2020 single "Gummy Worms." Stay tuned for more sad pop anthems from Devin soon.

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