Ethel Shares Luminescent Single, "Pixie Dust"

Olive Soki

At times it almost feels impossible to negate the power of hyper-cathartic music. Music that pulls all the gut-wrenching feelings out of you with magnet-like precision. While I too am a fan of such thrilling and spellbinding experiences, there is something to be said about subtlety, sensuality and soul. Offering us the big three and so much more, Ethel shares her latest single “Pixie Dust.”

Even in texture and dynamics, “Pixie Dust” manages to be gentle enough to soothe yet soulful enough to extract the same emotions one seeks to transpire through art. Dedicated to the light emitted from the people whom we surround ourselves with, Ethel's performance matches the track's sentiment. Vulnerable and lush “Pixie Dust” beholds rare ethereal qualities sure to illuminate your world.

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