DNL is Back With Another Coming-of-Age Soundtrack-Worthy Tune

Milly Wensley

Up-and-coming alt-indie artist Dacian Lovell better known as DNL is back with another coming-of-age soundtrack-worthy tune. Making his debut as an artist earlier this year with the single “ppl plsr” DNL has been steadily releasing singles since. The Virginia native is pushing a fresh innovative sound amongst current indie-pop contenders. I’d recommend his music to fans of Conan Gray, ROLE MODEL, or Still Woozy, as he incorporates classic elements of an indie sound with bits of R&B or alternative nuances. Now let’s get into his latest release “Night Shift”.

A common theme across DNL’s music is lyrics that express himself, how he’s feeling, or what he’s experiencing. In “Night Shift” we hear almost a manifestation of where DNL would like his career to go. Lyrics such as “I wanna be famous mama” and “Make a lot of money I could have my own show”. The song insinuates that he’s dreaming of all the cliche elements of fame such as nice cars and clothes, paparazzi, pretty women, and more. This is what he’s thinking of all while still “working the night shift” as he hasn’t quite found himself living this lifestyle just yet. 

I really like the vulnerability, honesty, and playfulness of this track. It has a small town big dreams vibe to it. In the same way people have fantasies of idyllic lifestyles they see themselves living in any career this is DNL’s version. I think it can be a fun escape to get lost in the daydreams of goals and things that seem so out of reach because surely enough as you progress in your career things you dreamt of seem so much closer or become reality! 

With every release DNL puts out he proves his level of talent time and time again. For someone in such early stages of his career, his sound is very consistent and fits him well. Each track helps to develop his personality and story bit by bit. I am excited to see what direction he’ll go next. Not only is he displaying talents but the songs feel very genuine and as though he's enjoying himself. Make sure to keep an eye on DNL and add “Night Shift” to your playlist immediately! 

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