Adam Pastel Drops Exciting and Relatable, “OVERTHINKING”

Ian Hansen
Isaac Green

Adam Pastel comes together with his second release of the year, “OVERTHINKING,” and it may be his best release yet. His first track of 2022, “RINSE & REPEAT,” blends hip-hop and pop, while “OVERTHINKING,” is a straight summer pop hit.

Once again, Pastel’s vocal delivery is next-to-none, as he brings energetic flows and addicting melodies that are meant for the charts. In the chorus he sings, “Touching my face, kissing my lips, why do I try to hold it all in. You’ve got me overthinking,” is a highlight of the song and is something I’m sure most people have been able to relate to at some point.

Adam Pastel is somebody I’m excited to hear more from, as I think he has barely scratched the surface of where he is going to go with music. He has all of the elements to be successful, and he is making all of these records out of his college dorm.

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