Tobias Dray Gets Personal with His New Single, “Bottle of Bombay’

Olive Soki

The last time we heard from Tobias Dray he left us off with an adrenaline fueled single “Espada Primo” and dates for his upcoming tour. As he prepares to head out on his headlining North American and European tour, the Frenchman delivers a new single, once again broadening his genre-defying sound.

Filled with confusion and subtle signs of emotional distress, “Bottle of Bombay'' exposes a new and more vulnerable side to Tobias’ music. As he opens up the song with a refrain, Tobias expresses the harmful effects a toxic relationship and cycle have had on his mind. Attempting to soothe this sense of discomfort and sorrow, he looks for a way to leave these intrusive feelings behind. Speaking on the matter he says, “This song is about a toxic person that always brings problems, but you’re still seeing them because of the short, good feeling they bring. It’s only when you’re alone that you realize how bad of an influence that person can be on you.”

Much like the title of the song, or your personal preferences, “Bottle of Bombay” is smooth in sound, while still giving you an earful of production treats. From the quick glitches to the recurring siren-like sound in the chorus, emphasizing the troubling nature of the song, the single fits right into his discography. Rather than restricting his sound to one genre or formula, Tobias lets his meticulous production style and musical intuition do its thing. And from the sound of this single, and his eclectic track-record, the final product always seems to speak for itself.

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