Driveaway Switch Gears With Their New Single “Wishing Well”

Olive Soki

While it seems almost too obvious to preach over and over again, sometimes, as Sheryl Crow once attested to, a change will do you good. This past week, the Flordian indie-pop band Driveaway put the saying to the test with their most recent single, “Wishing Well.” Electric and perfectly chaotic, they’ve put their usual synth pop style aside opting for a louder and amped up sound accentuating the track's lyrical essence.

Speaking on the change of pace, lead singer Trenton Ropp shares, “Recently we’ve been listening to heavier rock music, so that led to us trying out heavier tones with our guitar parts. We were surprised to find that the rawer, driven guitar tones spawned a lot of melodies and parts that we never would have made otherwise…” Not only is this new approach refreshing, it perfectly speaks to the single's intent. Rooted in being tired of dreary groundhog days and the pressure to appear a certain way when all you want to do is, well, “throw it all away.”

While the lyrics play into the concept of stumbling upon breaking points, musically speaking, the same can be said of the track as a whole. Constantly finding a balance between steady and stable verses (putting up a front), and chaotic choruses (throwing it all away), they push their emotional and musical limits, eventually breaking through by the end of the track.

“Wishing Well” marks Driveaway’s first release since their EP Feel Better Soon, released back in May, welcoming us into a new and exciting chapter in the ensemble’s journey.

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