DWLLRS’ Latest Single “You” is an Ode to Overthinking

Rachael Jansky

After a breakout year in 2020, pop duo DWLLRS is back with their first release of the year, “You.” The track opens with distorted, wavy vocals, immediately evoking a strong sense of nostalgia.

“You” exemplifies the duo’s expert songwriting and clever production, perfectly encapsulating the feeling of drowning in your own thoughts. Listeners are taken into DWLLRS’ stream of consciousness, allowing a sense of connection to form over their vulnerability. However, “You” maintains a uniqueness and memorability that most heartbreak songs don’t possess. With its infectious melody and catchy chorus, the track is guaranteed to get stuck in your head.

DWLLRS’ thoughtfulness behind each release is clear. Every single showcases the band’s versatility as they incorporate different genres and sonic influences. Drawing inspiration from hip-hop into its production, “You” proves that it’s impossible to guess what each DWLLRS single will sound like. The excitement and mystique surrounding each release from the duo is a difficult feat to achieve, alluding to DWLLRS’ inevitable stardom.

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