dyl dion Shares Magnum Opus, “cirrostratus”

Freddie Fine

“I can’t be the person you wanted me to be / But I could be me.”

These are the opening lines in 19 year old dyl dion’s latest single, “cirrostratus.” The culmination of everything he has been working towards, the track epitomizes so much more than dyl’s artistic growth, demonstrating the maturity and wisdom of someone well beyond his years.

Continuing to redefine what bedroom pop means, dyl enters new worlds on the track. Kicked off with crunchy drums before a heart-touching guitar riff jumps in, dyl’s production levels up on the track, while further utilizing his vocals in new ways. Beautiful backing vocals line much of the track, while creating for the perfect pair dyl’s melodies on the hook. 

dyl’s lyrics speak towards vulnerability and self reflection, yearning to understand himself more through a situation that puts him not just outside his comfort zone, but outside himself. Stuck between wanting someone else and wanting themselves, dyl ultimately faces his insecurities and vows allegiance to himself. 

An accompanying visualizer, entirely shot, colored, and edited by dyl himself, sees the young star dance in his signature yellow raincoat and umbrella along the bay in a series of repeating shots. The sky is truly the only limit for what dyl dion will accomplish, as this is just the beginning.

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