jev. Releases His First Single of the Year “who?”

Sundhya Alter

jev., like so many artists of his time, is playing with his online status in ways that beckons a new perspective on artist discovery. For so many rising singers, mastering the art of an online following through social media can be the determining factor in their breakout moment. With this in mind, jev. has gained a devoted following drawn in through his self-produced videos and nostalgic MC skills that give you no other choice but to listen to his music. Coming off of ‌his debut album the color grey. that he released in 2022, the Canadian artist has released his first single of the year, “who?” a vigorous rap that’s urgency plays out like a freestyle battle race to the finish. Yet there is order to the chaotic endurance, through multidimensional production, the song is a conscious nod towards the artist's early years, marked by violence and instability.

In his new release, “who?” the artist takes on a maturity in style and narrative, trading in melodic sample beats for a more tactile step around the verses. Amidst unconventional wordplay like “so my chopper singing like canary’s do, got cadavers laying on the avenue” and scattered ad libs, the artist impressively demonstrates a technical style that borrows from both old school MC’s and newer currents. This duality in style is also the key to the song's lyrical delivery, a story that pulls from both his previous and present self to unwind generational trauma through vignettes of masculinity and absent fatherhood, he sings “Every home is a victim of homicide. Fuck a role model had to improvise.” Although the mid song flow change projects the track as an impressive feat of unwavering vocal elasticity, his early struggles that he portrays throughout the song become a crossroads in his coos about what kind of man to be now. A high pitched whine tethered through a fascination with funk production sets up the artist to create through retro influences, but a modern take on old school flow keeps him situated in the currents of our generation.

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