Tai Verdes Makes Dreams Come True in New Single and Video “Sandman”

Perry Avgerinos

A certified king at making hooks that latch onto your inner youthful soul – Tai Verdes returns with his first single of 2023, “Sandman.” Accompanied with the official music video, we see Tai in an edgier visual form – but remaining in the bright, vibrant sonic atmosphere.

Throughout the Loris Russier directed music video, Tai is seen on a motorcycle in an all black leather outfit singing in the chorus “Call me Mr. Sandman, you know my name / I can make your dreams come true in a day. Tell me what you’re feelin’, show me the way / Tell me your deepest secrets and we can escape.” Depicting himself as the sandman (in a tongue in cheek way), Tai is seen riding his motorcycle on a mission to help people with no eyes – in need of some deep sleep to make their dreams come true. Tai said on the single “‘Sandman’ is dangerous. Don't listen to it, please... If you listen to it too much, I can't be accountable for what you do with that song. It's a lot. I spend a lot of time on my music, and I think that I just make sure that it's kicking on all cylinders. So, it's a little dangerous."

Like many of Tai Verdes’ hits such as “AOK,” Verdes balances cheery guitars and singable vocal melodies, with playful storytelling that instantly uplifts your mood when listening. Just in time for the official start of summer, Tai is here to save it, and add to his catalog of songs to run on repeat.

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