From Being A Real Estate Agent To Writing About Real Life On “Another Half” By Cautious Clay

Riley Furey

Have you ever wondered what an artist did before they started to pursue music? Well Joshua Karpeh, also known as Cautious Clay, was actually a practicing real estate agent before he decided to step into the studio. Now that we’re more than a few years into Karpeh making this decision, his track record can speak for what a great decision it was for his career. Whether it was his song "Swim Home" with John Mayer in 13 Reasons Why, or his breakout single Cold War that garnered immense support from Spotify and over 100 million streams, it’s clear that he is exactly where he needs to be.

This time around Cautious Clay is back with the second pre-release single off of his upcoming album KARPEH, Another Half. Being a longtime fan of his, I see this song as a true maturation on the way Clay looks at relationships. Reflecting back on earlier singles like Stolen Moments, he was afraid of intimacy and all he wanted was to enjoy life on his own. Flash forward to today, this single is what happened when he took that mentality too far.

Another Half is his way of venting to the world and finally admitting that he needs someone to share life with. The weight of the world has started to get a bit too heavy, and all he is searching for is someone to lighten the load. Whether it’s drinking too much or being too caught up in his own mind, he believes that his love interest is the remedy to all of his problems. This single is tied together with light electric guitar in its production, and leaves you feeling optimistic yet emotionally heavy at the same time.

Joshua Karpeh has truly come a long way in the last 5 years since "Stolen Moments" dropped, and all of his releases since then have welcomed us in to grow up and mature right alongside him. If you enjoyed this single, Cautious Clay’s third studio album KARPEH will be coming on August 18th later this Summer, and this project is surely one you won’t want to miss.

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