Joseph Luca’s “Green Lights” Highlights Heartbreak through a Powerful Ballad

Lara Prakash

Through an emphatic metaphor, Joseph Luca’s new single, “Green Lights,” discusses the thought of a relationship progressing too fast. However, heartbreak is a familiar friend that haunts Luca repeatedly. 

Luca was raised in Ojai, CA, where he learned his craft for songwriting and producing music. His work explores love, vulnerability, pansexuality, and one’s internal sense of freedom against the will of a repressive society. 

“Green Lights is a song about two lovers who both recognize the danger of harming a genuine connection by moving too fast after being heartbroken time and time again. It’s a song for those who want to find the perfect pact for true love,” Luca’s team said.

In the song, through a slow tempo, strong guitar chords, and an almost heartbeat rhythm, Luca can empathize with listeners about how tempting that new relationship can be. Even if heartbreak is how the relationship ends, Luca believes that giving this person the “green lights” to progress on with the romance is the correct step, which many are familiar with.

Luca has headlined and sold out the Troubador in Los Angeles and has performed with musical powerhouses like Mike Posner, Haley Reinhart, and Mak J. He’s also written with legends such as Greg Penny, known for his work with Elton John, Grammy winner Emily Bear, Yung Jake, Smiley Silverstein, Matt Friedman, and Andrew Wells.

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