Elias Hix Opens Up On “Empty June”

After dropping an album in March of 2023 at only 17 years old, Elias Hix recently released a new single titled “Empty June”. Growing up in South Carolina, Elias takes on a style that is influenced by the indie and folk scene, and could be compared to artists like Bon Iver and David Kushner. “Empty June” is a banger with intensity flowing through each line. This song is about the feeling you are left with when you end a bad relationship. You are certain you have made the right decision, but still have this sense of confusion.

There is a line in the song that says “Looks you’ve found me out that I’m not those words I wrote.” It speaks about how people change over time, and how one day someone can be an important part of your life, and the next they can be so destructive. The chorus contains two contrasting voices. The first voice is a large choir belting pleading statements in order to show the pain of separation. While the second voice is painting a picture of solitude and loneliness.

I asked Elias a bit more about his process while writing and he mentioned “I struggled with having confidence in this song while I was recording. I felt like the single had to be really good because it was the first single I released after my debut album. Empty June was also different stylistically from some of my other songs.” Lastly, he also mentioned it took him about a month to truly feel confident in releasing the song. The combination of a deep banjo sound and thought-provoking lyrics truly makes this a must-listen for summer.

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