Trippie Redd and Zzz. Collaborate on New Single “Sad & Alone”

Sundhya Alter

Sad rap songs almost consistently unfold through a marriage of alt-rock production and melancholic-dragged-out vocals that rest on a much-needed emotional catharsis. Popularized by Juice WRLD, The Kid LAROI, and Trippie Redd, the melodic emo-rap sound is characterized by the swoon of somber vocals and the lyrical rationalization of self-reflection and romantic lamenting, each one coasting along a similar atmospheric creative approach equally influential and unique. After a brief hiatus on his most recent album, Mansion Musik, Trippie Redd returns to his most recognized sound bringing rising artist Zzz. alongside him. In their new single “Sad & Alone” the two singers sing about girls that broke their hearts, evoking the loneliness and uncertainty that lends itself to the painful downfall of love.

The track swings between the artist's similar harsh vocal cries, borrowing from emo rap's reliable melancholic intrigue through a longing desire to end it all over heartbreak, the lyrics additionally evoke the nostalgic familiarity of the genre's origins, singing “These girls are all the same.”  But while the genre leaves room for much-needed innovation, Trippie and Zzz. find a way to polish a waning sound through delicate guitar and spotty bass production, the familiarity of the sound challenged by Zzz.’ mellowed alternative vocals. Playing off of Trippy's melodic bars, Zzz. provides the harmony and woozy alternative sound of the duo, offering an originality that helps support the chemistry between the two artists throughout the track. For both artists, the track is a testament to the versatility that each provides in an attempt to explore new styles within their niche genre of sound.

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