ella jane’s “bored&blind” Triumphantly Pushes the Boundaries of Pop Music

Miles Opton

19-year-old ella jane is an artist on the brink of bursting into a pop sensation. And I don’t make that statement lightly. Her first three distinct singles scratched an itch for groundbreaking pop that I’ve had for the past year, and her most recent release, the bubbly, layered, and atmospheric “bored&blind” solidifies her as an artist who everyone should know the name of.

"bored&blind”, released on March 4th, marks a milestone in Ella’s career as her first release with the FADER Label, an independent record label home to the pop sensation Clairo and many others. Starting off their partnership strong, Ella delivered the enthralling ballad about the experience of feeling unsatisfied and trapped in a relationship. Although she was only 16 when she wrote it, the track harnesses her biggest strengths from metaphorical writing to raw and emotional singing – creating a personable and engaging piece that could easily be one of the best pop songs of 2021.

The single is also accompanied by a music video shot in Ella’s dorm room at Tufts University. It gives a window into Ella’s world and reminds us that as much as we want to think of her as a pop star, she’s just a normal person like the rest of us. If “bored&blind” is the first Ella Jane song you’ve been exposed to, I’m extremely happy for you. Go check it and the rest of her catalogue out so you can say you knew her before the hype!

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