jusLo Flexes "BIG BANK" on New Single

Ian Tsang

Los Angeles based musician, jusLo, revives lyrical rap with his newest single “BIG BANK.” Flexing his wealth, jusLo produced a short commanding track with a depth to match his talent. Reminiscent of his early freestyling days on SoundCloud, the rapper delivered an exhilarating start to his 2021 campaign.

“I got a BIG BANK.”

This is the mantra jusLo carries with him - taking it to heart, and giving listeners a preview for what’s yet to come. For those loyal fans and any who find him familiar, you may recognize him from TikTok - where his edgy “out-of-the-box” thinking pioneered the “3 Word Freestyle Challenge.” Now, amassing 44.2 million views for the hashtag (combined with his 681k following) he looks to convert his success towards other platforms: specifically, through music. jusLo already shows signs of progress - earning placement on NBA 2k20 with his song “Wristwatch.” He certainly has BIG DREAMS and the will to act on them. With the talent he has, it’s only a matter of time before the big bank comes. Stream “BIG BANK” below.

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