Anonymous Producer chillpill Teams Up with Rico Nasty and Soleima on “LiL BiTcH”

Tyler Borland

Not much is known about the cartoon turned producer named chillpill. The mascot representing the music is mysteriously a red and yellow pill attached to a human body. Although the identity of chillpill is unknown, what’s abundantly clear is that the person behind the boards is incredibly talented.

Their debut release titled “FUCK THE CLUB” with Goldn is unlike any other modern producer project. The track blurs genres and takes influence from alternative, hip hop, electronic, and even elements of the underground hyperpop scene. The track went on to get a variety of remixes including one from Ravenna Golden. chillpill is back with help from Rico Nasty and Soleima on their sophomore record titled “LiL BiTcH.” The track is a wild rejection against people in your life holding you back. The three artists work together well and Rico Nasty’s verse on the second half of the track is especially energetic. chillpill once again incorporates a variety of different genres, but most prominently uses elements of hard-hitting hip hop drums and abrasive electronic.

Instead of the orthodox approach to visuals, chillpill also pairs the song with his own "Music Video Game." The mobile game has players complete levels all soundtracked by chillpill. chillpill is two for two with their singles. “LiL BiTcH” sounds completely different from chillpill’s debut track, which makes their future artistic direction a mystery much like their persona. Check out the track below and look out for more new music.

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