Emma G Brings Hot Girl Summer Energy in New Single “Like You”

Rachel Guttman

Nashville-based artist, Emma G, just debuted her first single, “Like You,” and it's a must-listen. Emma G, born Emma Pfeiffer, is a 21-year-old pop musician from North Carolina. She's been recording and singing music for years, remaining inspired by some of her favorite musicians such as Ariana Grande. Recently, she's gained exposure through her social media, where she's acquired a following from her covers and vocal mixes. After today’s release of “Like You,” listeners get a look into her melodic flows, and bad-ass energy, from start to finish. Emma signals in the summer with a sunny trap beat, flexing her smooth vocals and seductive songwriting. Emma’s alluring voice has similarities to that of a Kehlani song, but she sets herself apart with her own lyricism style and punchy melodies. Emma sings in the verse,

"I’m talking your body language,
You tryna come over, tryna come over,
Speakin’ that love language."

"Like You" is expressive through her lyrics, exploring the theme of liking a guy from a distance and not being into materialistic things. The song features hip hop and rnb inspired flows and snappy harmonies that tie together in an impeccable first impression to her audience. The talented, fresh young artist is already captivating listeners with her flirtatious sound, and we're eager to see what Emma drops next. Listen to Emma’s debut hit, “Like You” below.

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