Wiill Takes an Introspective Look in New Single, “Mood Swings”

Seba Cowsill

Wiill, a hip hop artist hailing from Miami, Florida, is typically known for his sunny beats and smooth flow. But with this new single, “Mood Swings," (his first release in nine months) he shows clear growth – not only as an artist, but as a person. In this track, Wiill takes an introspective approach to songwriting, asking himself some questions, and reflecting on the consequences of his impending success.

What if the climb to the top is lonelier than expected? The wild nights of celebration and carefree partying isn’t what it looked like it would live up to? Is it all worth it? The answer to the question for Wiill is unclear, going back and forth between thoughts. Asking himself these questions in such a raw, honest, and open way is something Wiill didn’t shy away from though, despite it being a new way to look at things. “I want to highlight that I’m more than an artist; I’m a person, and I’ll always sing my growth.”

While the concept may seem like putting the cart before the horse, it’s obvious Wiill is going places after an honest listen to the song. The mature and strong songwriting abilities, smooth vocal performance, and unique, laid back production of the track flexes Wiill’s ability as an artist more than any is his repertoire to date. There’s no doubt he’ll only continue to impress as the year goes on, through the “Mood Swings” and all.

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