Unusual Demont Is Perfectly Individualistic in New Single, “Purple”

Unusual Demont describes himself as a “weirdo.” The Wisconsin native’s discography spans only three songs, each starkly different from the next, proving endless versatility in just eleven minutes. His sole 2020 track, “Amber,” has already amassed over 5.5 million Spotify streams, and his 2021 debut “Pine” is on pace to do the same, garnering just under 1 million streams since February. Earlier this week, Unusual Demont released “Purple,” which is my personal favorite of the three.

Purple is a jazzy, blues-type R&B track, rendering nostalgia through Demont’s soulful vocals. Organically creating truth in his lyricism, Unusual Demont is the definition of poetry in motion. Unhurried and methodical, Demont talks about his current relationship status, singing,

"I called your sister,

She hung up she hates me now,

I called your mamma,

She said we should work it out."

Simple and heartfelt, Demont describes the ups and downs of a relationship that is fizzling out, although it’s still lush with passion. Unusual Demont’s voice is unparalleled, and his versatility is unmatched. Listen to his newest single below.

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