Yung Bae and Nile Rodgers Join Forces In Their “Awesome Ways”

Kieran Kohorst
Credits: ListenUp!

Generations are often defined by the music they listen to, with distinct trends taking over genres and molding them to the sound of the times. Across these evolutions, references to the past are unavoidably made - to mixed results, however. On new single “Awesome Ways,” current funk activist Yung Bae and genre icon Nile Rodgers mend their cross-generational partnership seamlessly. The formula is simple: the two stick to their respective calling cards, with Yung Bae delivering his radiant energy and Rodgers supplying his signature guitar licks for a hard-to-beat combination of ecstasy and groove. 

In a press release, Yung Bae explains the song “feels like a full circle track for me. I remember listening to Nile’s guitar on countless tracks growing up. Flash forward to lockdown, I had the opportunity to fly out to his house and work for a few days and this track is the result of that trip. He’s truly one of my music heroes and this track feels so special being able to combine our different talents.”

Along with the new single, Yung Bae has announced his newest album, Groove Continental - Side B, will be released this fall. Through the influence of “Awesome Ways” and previous release “Body Talk” with Mayer Hawthorne, anticipation is building for the project that will surely feature more invigorating Yung Bae music. An artist without bounds, there’s little telling the sounds that will occupy Groove Continental - Side B, but it's almost guaranteed to be an album that’s hard to take off repeat. 

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