Snap Out of Adulthood for a Second With Kai Manning Debut Single “Public School”

Emma Neveux

Meet Kai Maninng, new on your platforms but certainly not the last time that you’ll encounter him. So listen up for real, because nobody likes someone who’s bad with names. 

21 year old indie pop artist just dropped his first debut single “Public School," a casual laid-back track that seems to reflect very well the character of Kai, who simply hoped we’d “fuck with it”. Well I did, so I’m sharing it with you so you can too, you’re welcome.  

The track has a perfect summer breeze to it thanks to its catchy consistent guitar and drum claves beats. It resonates with the innocence you dragged around with you in school but the well rounded temper of adult life and grown up anxiety. So it’s fun yet loaded with passive aggressive attitude that gives it that well balance spice, keeping things interesting all the way. To give you an idea, its simplistic rawness resonates well with some of WizTheMc or Dominic Fike’s sounds. So yeah, it’s pretty hot and in trend vibes if you’re asking my opinion. 

Just remember, before you start to hear his track being played around everywhere, it is here that you’ve listened to him first. 

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