Fana Hues Steals the Spotlight on First Single, "Drive" From Pigeons & Planes Compilation Album

Freddie Fine

The first single from the highly anticipated Pigeons & Planes compilation album is officially here, and what better way to kick it off than with the incredible Fana Hues. “Drive” is expected to be the first of a few singles off the star-studded album, featuring Baird, Ben Reilly, Brevin Kim, Dreamer Isioma, EKKSTACY, redveil, Teezo Touchdown, Terry Presume, Wallice, and Sash, and executively produced by Mike Dean.

“I had a glimpse of that freedom that I hope I get in this next year creatively,” Fana said on the track. “When I get out of my own head and just write something that just feels good, rather than over-analyzing what it is. So ‘Drive’ was a breath of fresh air, creatively, for me, because I got to just go off and do what it is that came naturally.”

If “Drive” is just a sign of what is to come, then we are in for an incredible year from Fana. She shines on the track as her sultry R&B vocals combined with a summer infused instrumental create a stunning atmosphere, transporting the listener into the blissful world she has created. Fana’s lyrics epitomize young love, capturing a euphoric moment as she speeds down the highway with her partner, singing, “So cool, old school / Colors flashin' passing in the rear view / Gold glowin through the grapevine / For you / I be goin, I be goin.”

Fana is setting the expectations for the upcoming compilation album incredibly high – listen to “Drive” below.

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